The Samaritan Story Children's Musical (1)

A Simple Question: The Samaritan Story

A Children’s Choir or Intergenerational Church Musical.

Music and Lyrics by Sherri A. Lewis ©2002

A Simple Question: The Samaritan Story

A Children’s Choir or Intergenerational Church Musical.

Music and Lyrics by Sherri A. Lewis ©2002

Based on Luke 10: 25-37  

Your singers will travel the dangerous road to Jericho, celebrate the strength of the Jewish laws and nation and feel the consequences of labeling someone as "other". Through the Samaritans' story they will take on the pain of the beaten one along the road and experience the predicament of the Priest and Levite who pass by. We learn anew the call to love and serve our God through the kindness of the Samaritan.

Through it all, we examine the answer to a young scholar’s simple question, “…who is my neighbor?”  A question so many of us struggle with even today.

"Beautiful with seamless tunes and lyrics that are fun, convicting and powerful. LOADS of great teaching moments for discussions / analogies to todays world! I just LOVE this musical!"

- Lori Borger
26 years as Director Childrens’s Choirs and Drama Ministry


LENGTH: 22 minutes

CAST: 10+ for children's choir or intergenerational cast. Can be expanded to larger groups.

When stage area and choir size allow, perform ensemble style with entire cast singing almost every song, changing character as they go.  There are many places to let individuals and small groups have break-out moments. Larger choirs or intergenerational productions could assign some songs to different groups.

FORMAT: Downloadable musical score (PDF) includes scripted dialogue, stage directions, simple percussion, and flute. All purchased items are reproducible as needed.

STAGING: The strength of this musical journey is in the story, not the set! Minimal (risers or cubes to provide elevations) or no set design needed. Costuming can be simple period dress, or matching t-shirts & jeans.

COST: $175

Samaritan Story Poster 18x24 (1)

"You shall love the Lord with all your heart, with all your soul, and your neighbor as yourself."


A Simple Question is based on the Samaritan story (Luke 10: 25-37). This new church musical provides a rich and creative learning experience for all ages. Just 22 minutes long, it can easily be used within a worship service or as a stand-alone musical production.

For a single price you have access to instantly download all items listed below. Your purchase gives permission to download, copy, or print as many copies as needed for your production.


  • PDF piano and vocal score with optional flute part. Includes all spoken parts and some stage direction
  • Complete mp3 sound file of all songs
  • Unlimited reproduction allowed of all mp3 files for cast members
  • Production notes PDF guide with guidance on set, costumes, props, instruments & more
  • 18 x 24 Publicity Poster Template (customizable via a free CANVA account)

COST: $175


Content is easily approachable for children's church choirs, but also appropriate for an intergenerational production. The overall message of The Samaritan Story offers a teaching moment for all ages.


The Luke narrative of the Samaritan story strikes at the core of what we are called to be and do as people of faith.  While day-to-day realities are ever-changing, the Biblical message is unwavering.

The Samaritan Story offers your choir year rich opportunities for additional learning whether through service projects, global news discussions, understanding casts' own experiences of feeling like “the other”, and more.


sherri lewis

Sherri A. Lewis, composer & lyricist

I have enjoyed 27 years of doing musical direction for community children's theater; writing music and lyrics for seven productions. I collaborated for two years of learning with New Tuners Theatre Workshop in Chicago. My compositions are also featured in Lilly's Light, a children's musical show currently streaming on Apple TV, Amazon & YouTube.

The Samaritan Story was created and first performed by the children's choir at Winnetka Presbyterian Church in Illinois, where I had the privilege of leading the childrens music program for over a decade. I owe a thank you to my choir members whose voices you hear on this site.

- Sherri A. Lewis
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